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Re: What is openoffice.org-bin ???

> Whenenver I try to install openoffice using apt, apt tells me missing
> dependencies. Always apt wants to install a package named openoffice.org-bin.

As there is no openoffice for amd64 yet, the package that actually
contains the binaries (openoffice.org-bin) does not exist on amd64.
The only reason you see openoffice packages at all is that some are
arch independent.

> As workaround, I installed the openoffice-packages via download, and then
> using dpkg --force-install -i openoffice.org<package>. This works for me, but
> nevertheless openoffice.org will never be updated, as all packages are now on
> hold, due to the missing dependencies.

That works? Interesting. I'd always thought oo needed a i386-chroot for now.


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