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Re: SATA RAID5 adaptor other than 3ware? Thanks alot!

I use Areca controler (1210, 4 ports pciExpress, SATA2), perfect solution. you need to patch your kernel with the areca patch ( included in mm4 patch). The areca tools to monitor the controler runs fine on debian-pure64.

I recommand this product, also I have very bad experience with 3ware sata controller which offer very low performances.

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Randall J. Parr wrote:

Soenke von Stamm wrote:

Ok, thanks to all you guys, I have found the new LSI MegaRAID 300-8x to fit my needs most closely. They are becoming available now and I have enough time to validate one in another soon-to-arrive GX28. It has the connectors on the back side, but it's short enough and it seems to be a decent performer (judging from the Areca card http://www.tweakers.net/reviews/557 which uses the same XOR hardware - I don't trust the Areca hardware though (fan) and have very good experiences with LSI for years now). Unfortunately the MegaRAID 300-4x doesn't seem to be out yet but the price difference is a minor issue. Nice feat is support of NCQ btw, got four NCQ disks on my desk already :-)

Please let us know if the 300-8x does, in fact, provide similar performance to the Areca. I had been looking at the Areca (because of, in part, the review you mentioned) but have been a little leary. I have had very good experience with LSI MegaRAID with SCSI and would like to try the 300-8x (if performance IS as described).

Also... I checked their drivers page but do not see a Debian and/or generic Linux driver. Do you know one is available?

R.Parr, RHCE
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