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Re: fill free space partition

> > Yes I thought same things above, but I hope for a program avoids deleting and re-making partitions manually, just it expands them. I'm not partition expert, but on WinXP I have Partition Magic 8. Could does it the 'trick' (if you know it)?
> Sure, I did use it once with ext3 partitions and it worked fine, but you
> still need to more or less tell it what to do. I think there's no way to
> move the beginning of an ext2 partition short of rewriting it, and I
> don't know if PM can do that (and I think 8.05 couldn't).
> There's nothing wrong with deleting and re-making the partitions. You'll
> keep the same device names after you're done, and you can always
> double-check that the data was properly copied before removing the
> temporary partitions.


Partition Magic and Parted, permit move and resize of a partition. But in my case, nothing works.
I have / (root) in a primary partition, and swap+/home included in a extended partition (and so logical partitions as well freespace). I tried various 'movement', but not works. Not works just a 'simple' resizing of /home partition to include remain freespace too.
Have you any idea?


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