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Re: fill free space partition

> > in my hd I have this situation:
> > 
> > windows xp || / (root debian) 7GB || swap 1.5GB || /home 20GB || freespace 27GB
> > 
> > Freespace was for other distros, but with debian they are useless for me, and so I want fill free space with debian partition proportionally, to get a new situation like this:
> > 
> > windows xp || / (root debian) 14GB || swap 1.5GB || /home 40GB

> -1) Backup. Not technically necessary.
> 0) Boot from a different filesystem (rescue disk, mkfs, etc.) that
> contains your software of choice.
> 1) Get rid of the swap.
> 2) Create the smallest partition that will accommodate all the data
> in /home at the very end of the freespace, copy /home there.
> 3) Get rid of your original /home.
> 4) Extend root to 14GB.
> 5) Create(1) swap after root.
> 6) Create /home after the swap using all the remaining space, and copy
> all data from your temporary /home at the end of freespace.
> 7) Remove the temporary /home (the last one) and grow the real /home to
> use the remaining freespace.

Yes I thought same things above, but I hope for a program avoids deleting and re-making partitions manually, just it expands them. I'm not partition expert, but on WinXP I have Partition Magic 8. Could does it the 'trick' (if you know it)?


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