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Re: Installation problems.

On Sunday 10 July 2005 12:08, Johan Groth wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've have a dual Opteron system (MB Tyan 2885) which has a Broadcom
> ethernet interface (the infamous tg3 driver). I've also installed a SATA
> raid card (a very nice LSI 300-8x, uses the megaraid_mbox driver).
> My problem is this: how on earth do I install Debian on this system?
> If I boot unstable netinst I get ethernet working but not the raid
> system. Apparently a 2.6.11 kernel or newer is required for that. But
> Debian has removed the tg3 driver in that kernel. Seems to me that I can
> one or the other but not both.
> Suggestions anyone?

Plug one of the drives into the onboard (sii 3114) sata interfaces. Install 
onto that, then shuffle drives once you've got a minimal systems and working 
kernel installed.

Alternatively you could try debootstrap from a live CD (eg. knoppix), assuming 
you can find one that supports all your hardware. This may involve an 
temporary i386 install.


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