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Re: SCSI I2O Driver on ISO's?

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 04:10:57PM +0200, Eduardo wrote:
> adaptec 2010S raid card
> RAID SCSI cards from Adaptec use this driver. 

Well I have now made a test image that you can give a shot if you want
which has the 5 i2o_*.ko driver modules included in the
scsi-extra-modules udeb for the installer.  Perhaps that will work to
make it find the i2o controllers.  If it doesn't you could try loading
the i2o_ modules from the console (vt2) yourself and see if it then
finds any discs.  As I said I have no such hardware so I can't try it
out.  Should at least be better than the stock installer that doesn't
even have the i2o_* modules at all.


Len Sorensen

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