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asterisk pbx on debian-amd64

Hello list,

I am writing to inform that with a little tweaking I was able to compile, start and exit asterisk pbx on Debian-amd64.

I am also writing to ask for any criticism or pointers of things I have done wrong.

My hardware consists of the following:

Tyan Transport GX28
(uses Tyan S2881 mainboard)
2x Opteron 250
2x 512MB registered/ecc memory
4x 300 GB Seagate SATA drives
1x Digium TE410P quad span T1 card connected to 1 PRI and 1 Adtran 624 channelbank

I started by installing the debian-31r0a-amd64-netinst.iso from:


I setup a /boot partition, and raid1 partitions for /,/tmp,/var,/usr,/ home and /srv.

after installing, I went ahead and recompiled the kernel for k8-smp, mostly for practice, but also to get headers, etc, all in line.

then I apt-get installed cvs and downloaded zaptel, libpri and asterisk source. I also wget installed zlib-1.2.1 source, though later I found I needed to come back and run ./configure -s in the directory to eliminate asterisk compile errors.

Zaptel and libpri compiled without error. Unfortunately, mpg123 will not seem to compile. I plan to follow some instructions at voip- info.org to use sox and play .raw audio files, or try asterisk's native mp3 player from asterisk add-ons.

Asterisk initially coughed at zlib until I recompiled as per above. It also did not like compiling with default gcc-3.3 (did not recognize -march=k8), so I apt-get installed gcc-3.4, relinked gcc in /usr/bin, and this solved the problem. Asterisk then compiled and I was able to start it and use the CLI.

Now I am pretty new to Debian, so if anyone has any suggestions or is pulling their hair out b/c I am doing things wrong, please tell me. If there is interest I will be adding information as I learn things to the voip-info.org tiki:


I emailed the list today just to let others know it can be done and that these steps might need to be taken, along with looking for feedback.


Nicholas P. Mueller

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