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Re: Simple Question... 32bit compatibility

Bernie Betlach wrote:

> I hope someone can give me a simple answer.....  Will 32 bit applications
> run on Sarge AMD64 ????

If you also install a 32-bit environment in addition to the 64-bit
environment then yes they will.  There are two typical methods for
installing a 32-bit environment.  One is a simple but somewhat limited
ia32-libs package that covers many people's needs.  But it is very
simple to install and handles a majority of users fine.  The other is
installing a small chroot with a complete ia32 system there.  This is
more complicated but provides full flexibility of a complete 32-bit
system.  See the HOWTO for more details.


> I just completing a AMD64 desktop and am trying to decide between amd64 and
> i386.

If you want maturity and don't like to tinker then I recommend going
with the very mature 32-bit i686 system.  If you like to tinker and
don't mind working through development issues with the rest of us then
the 64-bit amd64 system good.  The amd64 system is stable and
reliable.  But not all 32-bit software has been ported yet and
depending on what you are running this may be important to you.

Sure you can run 32-bit applications through the chroot 32-bit
environment.  But that is a little bit more work.  That is what I do
and it all works well for me.  But you have to want it in order to put
up with the extra (even if small) trouble to manage the 32-bit system
in addition to the 64-bit system.


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