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Re: automounted home directories in chroot

Rik Theys wrote:
> I've followed the instructions in the AMD64 howto to setup a chroot jail to 
> run 32 apps.
> When my home directories are available as regular directories under /home 
> (and /home is bind mounted into the chroot), the users can launch programs 
> like openoffice.org in the chroot jail.

Sounds good.

> But on my production system, the home directories are automounted
> under /home.  Simply bind mounting /home in the chroot does not
> work: the home directories are not available in the chroot :(.
> Is there any way to fix this? Would it be possible to bind mount
> each home directory into the chroot? For a few users this would be
> OK, but I have about 300 users...

It is easier for a single user to do the chroot ia32 system for
running openoffice.org and other applications.  But since you have 300
users it is worth your time to make openoffice.org work outside the
chroot.  You need a couple of symlinks.  See this thread.


But it works fine with the symlink in place.  (Don't let the ia64 part
throw you off.  It has the same capabilities to run ia32 apps that
amd64 has and can share best practices there.)

With that change in place you should be able to roll that out to your
users without needing to run the application from the chroot.  (You
probably still want the chroot to install and manage the software.)


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