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Re: gksu segfaults

Hi Angus,

El mar, 05-07-2005 a las 16:47 +0100, Angus Mackenzie escribió:
> A couple of weeks ago I double clicked my Synaptic desktop icon by mistake and 
> cancelled one instance. Since then, the command
> gksu -u root /usr/sbin/synaptic
> pops up the password prompt but then segfaults when return is pressed.

Seems to be a bug in gksu and I think it's tied to the GNOME 2.10
upgrade (see http://bugs.debian.org/314369). As a workaround use gksudo
(which is part of the same package) or launch gksu from a debugger and
don't let it die after it SEGFAULTs; your application will work fine.

Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net>
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