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gksu segfaults

A couple of weeks ago I double clicked my Synaptic desktop icon by mistake and 
cancelled one instance. Since then, the command

gksu -u root /usr/sbin/synaptic

pops up the password prompt but then segfaults when return is pressed.

The same thing happens when I specify another of the sbin programs instead of 
synaptic. I can run synaptic from a root shell. I'm running AMD 64 unstable 
from http://amd64.debian.net

A gksu lock file is left in my home directory after the crash, so I delete 
this. I also tried deleting or renaming .Xauthority - this leads to an 
announcement that the .Xauthority file is being regenerated before the 
segfault. The .Xauthority file is NOT remade however.

One thing I have yet to try is to clean up both the lockfile and .Xauthority 
and then restart X, but I thought it might be worth asking if anyone else 
recognizes the problem first.


Angus Mackenzie

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