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Re: Can we expect a w64codec package?

Adam Skutt <askutt@wnec.edu> writes:

> Thomas Steffen wrote:
>> I think it should be possible to include the 32bit codecs in a 64bit
>> process using some "linking glue".
> Not really.  Having different pointer-widths in the same code is
> extremely difficult to do.

You just need special linker scripts to move your code into the lower
2GB (2Gb to avoid sign extension problems). With that you can just
trim pointers down to 32bit or extend them to 64bit in the glue code.

But the linking and glue code itself would be tricky. You can't use
the normal linker to mix 32/64 bit code. Maybe you can trick that with
some more special linker script.

> This is why you have to have a chroot for 32bit applications with the
> exact same libraries as your 64-bit ones.
> Adam


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