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Re: Can we expect a w64codec package?

On 7/4/05, Stephan Seitz <nur-ab-sal@gmx.de> wrote:
> Since MS has released their 64bit version of Windows, can we expect a
> w64codec package for xine/mplayer? Or will these codecs never be
> available for 64bit linux?

Unfortunately, no. Windows x64 does not contain a 64bit version of
media player, so I assume that the codecs are still 32bit. (Which is
weird, since video and database is always mentioned as the main
strength of 64bit processing :-)).

> I don't like creating a 32bit chroot environment.

I think it should be possible to include the 32bit codecs in a 64bit
process using some "linking glue". Hotwever, I have no idea whether
anyone is working on that. I would be nice, though :-)


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