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Re: Debian/Ubuntu/Redhat which is better for heavy duty computations?

On 7/2/05, valentin_nils@be-known-online.com
<valentin_nils@be-known-online.com> wrote:
> Ubuntu seems faster, but (unfortuntaley) their packages are not always
> compatible with debian ones. They make their own package versions (same
> like Suse/Novell, Redhat etc.). That might not be an issue for you, for me
> that was a concern. F.e their Python version is not compatible with the
> debian one.

The reason to choose one system over another would seem to me to be
the availability of ancilliary software.

For instance, if you want to use R (sorta like Splus), and it is
better available for Debian than for SuSE, that would be a reason to
prefer Debian.

There certainly is a lot more in the way of ancilliary packages for
Debian than for anything else; other distributions just don't
integrate in as much stuff.

But whether or not that is *actually* important depends on whether you
need a bunch of extra software to do analysis of those "heavy duty

Other than that, if all the platforms offer suitable compilers with
the options you need, they may *ALL* be sufficiently suitable.
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