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Re: Downgrading i386 from amd64

Jeffrey Hahn <jmhahn@gmail.com> writes:

> From what I've seen, apt will get whatever package is appropriate
> for your kernel based on `uname -m`. It will take a lot of trickery

No it doesn't. The default arch is hardcoded into it at compile time
and can be overwritten with an option. But that doesn't help at all

The kernel is no problem but the moment the 32bit libc6 gets installed
(or any other core lib) the system would stop working.

> to convince it to download and install i386 packages onto a system
> running the amd64 kernel, and you'll need to somehow get an i386
> kernel running in order to have those packages work. You're in a bit
> of a bind, since no matter which way you go first you will need both
> installed at the same time in order for either to work. If you
> really want to switch to i386 (which I don't see the need if it's
> working fine via a 32bit chroot) you're probably going to have to
> reinstall from scratch or at least install onto a secondary system
> partition.

Reinstalling is the only sane way.


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