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Re: fam problems

Hi Graham,

El mié, 15-06-2005 a las 11:16 +0100, Graham Smith escribió:
> I, as I am sure many of your do, suffer from the "fam problem". 
> Basically it goes like this: I will be working away quite happily, I go 
> to open a file and fam hits 100% cpu load and never stops. This has 
> happened with all my Debian boxes (testing and unstable on i386 and 
> pure64).


> As you will see if you have a look at the bug reports this is a well 
> known problem and it doesn't look like it's ever going to be fixed.

Try gamin. There's a Debian package in unstable, and maybe in the other
distributions too. I've been using it successfully with GNOME for a
month or so; earlier versions had some bugs interacting with Nautilus.

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