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Re: Successful install, but no boot

   Some time ago I had to redo a boot record on a i386 (shouldn't be much 
difference). I booted the machine from the debian install cd but stopped the 
installation as soon as I got the shell working. Then I could mount the hard 
disk somewhere deep into the file hierarchy (/dev/???/???/???/???) and run 
grub there to install it on the master boot record. If you get so far you 
should also be able to start the grub shell and then you can type in the four 
lines from menu.lst that are needed to start the machine. You can also make a 
grub floppy if that helps.
Hope it helps


Þann Miðvikudagur 15. júní 2005 09:42 skrifaði J.A. de Vries:
> On 2005-06-15 @ 09:57:50 (week 24) Mahesh T. Pai wrote:
> > AFAICT, simply typing  `rescue' at the boot prompt  while booting from
> > live CDs  helps, even if  th option  does not turn  up in F1  menu. In
> > fact, I  distinctly remember somewhere  that rescue/live CDs  have far
> > more options than can be found in the F1 menus.
> Hmm, I will try that later on. With the netinstall iso that will
> probably not work as I suspect it will be too barebones for that.
> Thanks
> Grx HdV
> P.S. Knowing better I tried anyway, but no such luck.

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