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Re: Ndiswrapper

I had to download ndiswrapper sources from sourceforge and compile and install manually with gcc-3.4. module-assistant seems to use gcc-3.3 by default wether gcc-3.4 is
installed or not. module-assistant depends on gcc-3.3.

v0n0 schrieb:

Hi, I'm try to get ndiswrapper working but installing it with
module-assistant will give error when trying to modprobe:

FATAL: Error inserting ndiswrapper
(/lib/modules/2.6.8-11-amd64-k8/misc/ndiswrapper.ko): Invalid module format

But prior launching m-a I change CC and CXX to 3.4!
If I do dmesg:

ndiswrapper: version magic '2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 gcc-3.3' should be
'2.6.8-11-amd64-k8 gcc-3.4'

Anyone knows what to do? Thanks
PS: I have just tried 'm-a clean ndiswrapper'

Alessandro Dal Grande
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