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Re: Where are the nvidia Drivers?

Rafael Steiner wrote:

>Today I installed Debian amd64 but I can't install the NVIDIA drivers, the
>NVIDIA-settings and NVIDIA-kernel-common Packages are available but
>nvidia-kernel-source and nvidia-glx not.
>I have the ftp.de.debian.org with main, contrib and non-free in my sources
>list, I also tried to add the Swiss switch mirror, but apt-cache still cant
>find them. Is this a temporary problem or are they removed from the archive
>Should I wait until this is fixed, install them manually or take the ubuntu
They are right there,




are empty! Only in the sources directory do I see something,


Why are there no non-free Packages files for binaries? There are only

- Adam

PS. Rafael, to install these packages now  you will need to go to the
first link, download the necessary packages from there and install them
with dpkg (dpkg -i <package filename>). You probably will want to
install all the debs from the first link.

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