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Re: FW: bug #311856

Carrick Detweiler <carrick@csail.mit.edu> writes:

> Hi,
> I submitted this install bug report, but haven't heard anything back
> and figured that the amd64 crowd might be able to provide some
> insight.  Has anyone had any luck installing on an MIS K8N Neo4 mobo?
> When I try installing it freezes when installing the kernel
> (kernel-image-2.6.8-11-amd64-generic (2.6.8-13)).  Looking at the
> output on the F3 term it freezes shortly after saying "You are
> attempting to install a kernel version that is the same...Please Hit
> return to continue" with the added warning:

You should not be installing the generic flavour as arch-detect should
pick a more fiting kernel for you. The "Please Hit return to continue"
part probably confuses the hell out of the install.

Two things I can think of:

1) there is only the generic kernel on the cd
2) arch-detect fails to find a suitable kernel for you

Can you test the netboot (mini.iso) ot the businesscard image and let
us know if the problem remains please. Those download the kernel
images from the net and we know all of them are there.

> dpkg: warning, architecture `amd64' not in remapping table

Still can't say where this comes from and it is very puzzeling.


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