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Re: archives?

On 10314 March 1977, Mark Nipper wrote:

> 	Am I just crazy or did all of the archives die recently?
> I've tried amd64.debian.net, debian.csail.mit.edu and
> ftp.de.debian.org and all of their dists directories appear to be
> empty for each of the various amd64 distributions.  apt-get and
> dselect are very unhappy of course.  And I don't see amd64 yet on
> my own official Debian mirror, so that hasn't happened yet.

Its me going crazy, fixing a stupid problem, now waiting that the
mirrors all sync up with the push I just sent, then sending out another
push which contains the dist/ again.
Should be fixed within an hour. Or day. Or year. :))

bye Joerg
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