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Re: xscreensaver dos not run - Bug?

tony mancill wrote:
> I'm running nvidia 1.0.7174-3 using the Debian nvidia-kernel-source package
> and do not have any problems with xscreensaver.  I have the following installed:
> rss-glx         0.7.5-4        Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port
> xscreensaver    4.21-3         Automatic screensaver for X
> xscreensaver-gl 4.21-3         GL(Mesa) screen hacks for xscreensaver

Hm, same here.

> You might try killing the running xscreensaver and then starting a copy in
> the foreground using the "-verbose" switch.  Then run xscreensaver-demo to
> make sure that you can lock the screen, etc.

I did this before with indistinguishable errors.
xscreensaver is still awaiting idleness (time is set to one minute but
nothing happens). xscreensaver-demo works fine as "Blank Screen Now"
works fine too.

> Just curious - are you running KDE, gnome, or something else?

I'm running windowmaker, but xscreensaver do not run with gnome too.

Ahh, I've found the difference and where the bug is. I'm using two
screens - two displays with an own xserver on each one. Starting xfree
with only one screen xscreensaver runs fine. The problem does not occur
in ia32 mode so it has to be a bug in the amd64 version of xscreensaver
using two screens.


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