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Re: xscreensaver dos not run - Bug?

Alexander Fieroch wrote:

> Hm, that's odd. So I've run XFree86 with the vesa graphic driver and
> xscreensaver runs too.
> The problem seems to be with the current nvidia driver 1.0.7174-3.
> Running the debian nvidia drivers xscreensaver does not start.
> Can anybody confirm this?

I'm running nvidia 1.0.7174-3 using the Debian nvidia-kernel-source package
and do not have any problems with xscreensaver.  I have the following installed:

rss-glx         0.7.5-4        Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port
xscreensaver    4.21-3         Automatic screensaver for X
xscreensaver-gl 4.21-3         GL(Mesa) screen hacks for xscreensaver

You might try killing the running xscreensaver and then starting a copy in
the foreground using the "-verbose" switch.  Then run xscreensaver-demo to
make sure that you can lock the screen, etc.

Just curious - are you running KDE, gnome, or something else?


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