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Re: Again slmodem...

> The 2.6.10 kernel boot process takes over the modem, so that the slamr
> driver gets the message that the modem is already in use by another
> driver. To stop this from happening, the drivers/serial/8250_pci.c file
> must be patched. A patch has been submitted to lkml by Sasha Khapyorsky;
> I haven't tracked if it's been included.
> There is also a workaround; Jacques Goldberg on the
> discuss@linmodems.org list has the details.

in changelog for kernel version 2.6.11(.0)

** [ALSA] Added VIA82xx-modem driver
** Documentation,PCI drivers,VIA82xx-modem driver
** Added the VIA82xx AC97 modem driver by Sasha Khapyorsky <sashak@smlink.com>.


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