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Re: Again slmodem...

antonio giulio wrote:

>I tried to contact smartlink inc. but every mail-address seems down...
>However, in Suse-ml I have found a new interesting post:
>and it confirms possibility to get a slmodem working on debian amd64 too.
Just a quick note on the problem of the boot process misidentifying the

The 2.6.10 kernel boot process takes over the modem, so that the slamr
driver gets the message that the modem is already in use by another
driver. To stop this from happening, the drivers/serial/8250_pci.c file
must be patched. A patch has been submitted to lkml by Sasha Khapyorsky;
I haven't tracked if it's been included.

There is also a workaround; Jacques Goldberg on the
discuss@linmodems.org list has the details.


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