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Re: VMware

On Sat, May 07, 2005 at 05:34:43PM -0800, Greg Madden wrote:
> AFAIKT from the VMware site, VMware supports specific versions of 
> distros/kernels. It is ambiguous, at least to me, to say they support 
> 64bit when they say they support  i.e. SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 - 
> stock 2.4.19, 64-bit. Suse includes the ia32-libs so does this mean 
> VMware will run on a pure64 OS or only one with the appropriate 32 bit 
> libraries loaded. 

As far as I know, one with 32bit libs installed.  It does support 64bit
kernels in version 5 (and 4.5 with update patches) as host, which
matters since vmware does use kernel modules for some of its work.

A number of people have run it on debian just fine, and I believe all
they needed was the 32bit libs installed, and to run the installer in
64bit mode (since it has to build 64bit kernel modules).

Len Sorensen

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