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Re: A question about a package

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda <lepalom@wol.es> writes:

> Hi,
> there's a lib, (coin)  that now in testing and sid is with the version 
> 2.3.0-1. The source package is the coin2 that provides several packages in 
> the bin form.
> Some weeks ago, the people that develops coin (www.sim.no) released a new 
> version with some bugfixes (2.4.0) [1] . However, after testing it, we found 
> a bug _only_ in the amd64 arch, also this bug affect the 2.3.0 version that 
> we have in sarge. The bug is related to some strange behavior of a vfprintf  
> [2].
> Sarge is frozen and I cannot put a bug in debian because amd64 port is 
> unofficial. The bug is solved, but only in the cvs version. The sim people 
> will release a new version soon but there's no date.

Yes you can report a bug. Are you also sure it is amd64 only? That
would be quite surprising. What about alpha or ia64?

> So, what is the best way to manage this? 
> - create a 2.4.0-cvs, with the bug solved?

If 2.4.0 is not yet released upload 2.4.0~cvs-date to _experimental_.
If 2.4.0 is released upload 2.4.0 + the patch to _experimental_.

> - patch the 2.3.0 version and the the debian package ? Morten,  is this 
> possible?

AND patch 2.3.0 in sid with just this fix if possible. After some
testing time ask release to approve it for sarge.

> - upload a new version before sarge release to have the same version of the 
> amd64 port?

Getting a completly new version through the freeze might be
difficult. Not without compelling argument.

> - have a different version of this package in the amd64 port?

We (amd64 team) would very much like to avoid that. It disrupts
security support as that version would have to be tracked seperately.
There seem to be no reverse depends on coin2 (apt-cache rdepend in
sarge) so we would probably just remove it from amd64 if the bug makes
it unusable.


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