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A question about a package


there's a lib, (coin)  that now in testing and sid is with the version 
2.3.0-1. The source package is the coin2 that provides several packages in 
the bin form.

Some weeks ago, the people that develops coin (www.sim.no) released a new 
version with some bugfixes (2.4.0) [1] . However, after testing it, we found 
a bug _only_ in the amd64 arch, also this bug affect the 2.3.0 version that 
we have in sarge. The bug is related to some strange behavior of a vfprintf  

Sarge is frozen and I cannot put a bug in debian because amd64 port is 
unofficial. The bug is solved, but only in the cvs version. The sim people 
will release a new version soon but there's no date.

So, what is the best way to manage this? 
- create a 2.4.0-cvs, with the bug solved?
- patch the 2.3.0 version and the the debian package ? Morten,  is this 
- upload a new version before sarge release to have the same version of the 
amd64 port?
- have a different version of this package in the amd64 port?



[1] https://www.coin3d.org/pipermail/coin-announce/2005-April/000047.html
[2] https://www.coin3d.org/pipermail/coin-discuss/2005-April/005674.html

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