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Re: gcc4 on pure64/gcc-3.4 ?

Giacomo Mulas <gmulas@ca.astro.it> writes:

> On Mon, 25 Apr 2005, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
>> Andrei Mikhailovsky <andrei@arhont.com> writes:
>>> With the recent release of gcc 4.0 into a stable branch, how likely is
>>> to see the gcc-4 in the pure64 branch?
>> 0 chance.
>> Debian will release sarge with gcc-3.3 and that means sid will stay
>> that way too. gcc-3.4 and gcc-4.0 need a major transition due to C and
>> C++ incompatibilites.
> Well, that means that there are 0 chances to see gcc-4.0 as the
> default compiler, but I do hope it will be included in sid as soon as
> possible, as an optional set of packages, much in the same way as
> gcc-3.0 was in woody! Or are there strong reasons which make it very
> difficult to have gcc-3.x and gcc-4.x installed on the same machine at
> the same time?
> Actually, I do look forward having a usable GNU fortran 90 compiler,
> as gfortran in gcc-4.x will hopefully become with time...
> bye
> Giacomo

Well, that is another matter.

Currently gcc-4.0 is in experimental and, since there has been some
demand in the last days, that will be added to the buildd after the
archive moved.

As soon as gcc-4.0 moves from experimental to sid or from sid to sarge
later debian-amd64 will follow (baring FTBFS bugs). But I have no clue
what the maintainers plans are for that.


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