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Re: Sarge and Sid

Lennart Sorensen kiedys napisal:

> On Tue, Apr 19, 2005 at 04:33:57PM +0200, Marcin D?bicki wrote:
>> I've just installed Sarge. I want to upgrade it to Sid (previously I did
>> all deb upgrades for Sarge). I am replacing sources.list entries, apt-get
>> update and then apt-gate dist-upgrade. Nothing happens. It seems like
>> Sarge and Sid have the same packages
> What is in sources.list?
> If it is debian-pure64 it should make a difference if you use sarge or
> sid.  If you use that other archive, then sarge is simply a link to sid
> and hence you were already running sid.  I believe debian-pure64 is
> the current recomended archive.
> Len Sorensen

Maybe it is ok. I looked into my installed packages and into the list of
packages from Sid in debian-pure64 and it is really in this part almost the
same. The one difference i have really seen is that primary for Sid id
gcc-3.4 not gcc-3.3 but I had to install it previously so apt-get doesn't
see the difference

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