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Re: GA-K8NS Pro-939 sata not detected

Hello list... :)

I have searched more and my problem is fixed in more recent kernels. 
Namely 2.6.10 and newer. 
So I have tried the netinstall image from

which has the kernel version 2.6.10, but unfortunately, I have
encountered a problem with grub. After a smooth install of base system
and first reboot, the mashine hangs. 

I have a 120 Gb SATA hard drive. I choosed to write grub to MBR of that
drive. Bios is reporting it as IDE Channel 2 Master. 

Actualy, under "Standard CMOS Features" I see:
IDE Channel 0  Plextor DVDR
IDE Channel 0  none
IDE Channel 1  none
IDE Channel 1  none
IDE Channel 2  S_ATA1-ST3120827AS
IDE Channel 3  none

Now I have two questions --- 
1. is there a way to solve this issue with grub? 
2. do you have any idea when the new d-i with newer kernel will be released? 

Thank you for help. 

Best regards

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