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Re: Installing Debain on My AMD64

personnaly I've installed a small amd64 system on an empty drive, then I have mounted my x86 system in /mnt/upg, chrooted it, compiled and install a new kernel, then apt-get update (with the alioth source) and finally apt-get dist-upgrade, after having rebooted on the updated system I ran an new apt-get dist-upgrade -f (some apps needs an access to /proc ...)

it worked fine for me (even if I had to uninstall some packages that were not supported ;( )

Clive Menzies a écrit :
On (15/04/05 21:53), Colin O'Keeffe wrote:

I bought a AMD 64 Atholon. Now, i tried a copy of woody I had but no
use, so i googled and found out theres a version of debian for 64.
I want to download ISO images so i can burn them, but i cant find
them, only the network install image, so where are all the ISO's ,
there should be 6 or 7 right. Iam looking for the latest stable
version with a recent kernel.

My machine has the epox 8kda3j motherboard
but theres trouble with the network card! is it not supported???

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