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Re: bb segfault - will someone please confirm?

Ernest jw ter Kuile wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 April 2005 23:25, Ernest jw ter Kuile wrote:
>>Confirm. Although I got so mesmerised by the images that I forgot to time
>>>6. After 3 minutes 47 seconds (+/- a couple seconds) bb segfaults. It
>>>happens right before the section with the toroid.
> hmmm, actually here it goes beyond that. it finishes the toroid part, blasts 
> something with a tank thingy, which seems to spiral to nothing, shows briefly 
> yet another face, and then fills the screen with the letter 'Q' and seg 
> faults.

I had originally thought bb only segfaulted with 48000 Hz audio; it
turns out that with the default it still segfaults, just later on (where
you noticed).

> for completness, tryed it in an xterm (instead of a konsole) and it went 
> _much_ smoother and faster ! but it crashed at exact same location.
> tryed in 32bit mode to see whole demo, which actually went smoother _and_ 
> faster still !! 

I'm not sure about konsole vs. xterm (I'm using rxvt), but I have just
come upon another problem with bb on amd64: it isn't getting built with
X11 support. bb has an X11 driver that is _much_ faster than the console

I poked around and found out that the bb package isn't getting X11
because aalib doesn't have X11. I don't know why. For some reason the
aalib packages on alioth aren't built with X11 support, but when I build
my own packages they have X11. I'll start a new thread for this in a few

If you haven't seen bb with the X11 driver I highly recommend it.

I just uploaded aalib debs with X11 support and a bb deb with X11 and
Lennart's fix to:
You can either use these, make your own, or use an i386 chroot with the
DISPLAY environment variable set.

Now, at a terminal, run:
$ AAFont=fixed bb
...or choose whatever font you want.

Make the X11 window nice and big _before_ you choose your options. If
you resize the window while the demo is playing the audio gets out of sync.

> Actually the whole demo looks _much_ nicer in 32bit mode. The toroid there 
> really does looks 3D (instead of flatish 3D in 64bit mode) and the Mandelbrod 
> demo went from just beautifull to very impressive indeed.

When using the same driver, the i386 build looks the same as amd64; the
toroid ugliness is rectified with Lennart's fix, and the fractal zooming
seems to be random. Use the X11 driver with a big window and a small
font. BB will look quite nice.


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