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Re: Nvidia problems... again

I use a program called Cedega (wrapped by a GUI called Point-to-Play). I don't really play games much, but I wanted to try it out on Linux, and apparently this program is "the dog's bollocks".

It appears otherwise, the only game I could get working was BG2 (without the exansion, however). I tried Diablo 2 (one of their "supported" games), failed, I tried Diablo 1 (which also works), Half-life works to a certain degree, Discworld Noir doesnt work, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow doesn't work, Enclave doesn't work, and a few others which I tried didn't work.

Altogether, it seems fairly unsuccessful, but I didn't put much effort into it... kind of a "if it doesn't work first time, give up" case, as I'm not a big-time video gamer :)

If you are interested, there's a small fee for a 3-month sign up to recieve support, access to the forum and so on, its about £9GBP I think. I wouldn't recommend it for people like myself, but if you really want to game, and you're willing to put a bit of effort into configuring it properly, then I'd say give it a go!

Link to the site is:
Cedega - their version of Wine, powered for Windows games
Point-to-Play - a nice GUI wrapper for Cedega, I'd advise just downloading P2P, and installing Cedega through that, as it does the configuration for you. It also helps with organising your games.

Bear in mind there's a lot more work trying to get it working on an amd64 machine, as a fully working chroot (with /home and /tmp bind mounted, 32-bit versions of your graphics drivers installed into your chroot on your amd64 machine are required alsoe etc.), but if you're on a x86 machine, the setup should be fairly simple.

But for now, I'm happy using Wine to use my standard Windoze programs (Adobe Photoshop and the likes... unfortunately my work has to use PSDs all the time, so I'm kinda stuck.. but at least I can use linux :))

Hope this helps,

Javier Kohen <jkohen@users.sourceforge.net> wrote :

> El dom, 10-04-2005 a las 20:17 +0100, James Titcumb escribió:
> &gt; I would use nv driver (I am using it now actually), but I have two 
> &gt; monitors, and its pointless having 2 LCD screens, when you can only use
> &gt; one of them! AFAIK, the only driver that supports dual screens is the 
> &gt; nvidia and ATI ones... if you know different, let me know how to do it!
> &gt; I don't really do graphic intensive stuff (I might occasionally play 
> &gt; Baldur's Gate, but that's not exactly video-hungry!), so if its not a 
> &gt; high-performance driver, I'm not hugely bothered. As long as I get 
> &gt; smooth standard usage, I'm ok :)
> Hi, I'm replying off list because I'm interested in knowing how you play
> Baldur's Gate on Linux.
> Thanks :)
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