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Re: tg3 + kernel-image-2.6.11-9* .... How do we know when it will work?

On Apr 10, 2005 12:54 PM, Jeremy Gray <Jeremy@jpgsworld.com> wrote:

> Does it work yet? Is there somewhere to track this so we know when it
> will work?

I don't think so. I had the same problem on i386, and it seems that
the non-free part of the kernel source is not there yet.

I got a nondebian kernel-2.6.11 tree, and copied the tg3 files over.
You will also have to fiddle with the Makefiles and Kconfig, but in
the end it worked fine.

> When I try to do an apt-get dist-upgrade or apt-get -u upgrade, then it
> always wants to include this new kernel (that will break my system).

This probably means that you have a generic kernel package install
(kernel-image). You should install a specific kernel version, such as
kernel-image-2.6.10-k8 instead. Another option is to hold back the
kernel package.

> I am new to debian, so I'm not sure what my options are here.

Other people may disagree, but I would recommend to stick with a 32bit userland.

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