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Re: VMware in pure64?

On 08 Apr 2005, Major A wrote:
> If you've successfully installed VMware, please let me know how it's
> done.

	I'd ask you what kernel version you are using as I just
had to revert from 2.6.12-rc2 on a machine back to 2.6.10 (I've
just skipped 2.6.11.? entirely up to this point and 2.6.10 was
stable for a long time on this machine so might as well go with
what I know works) under i386 because neither 4.5.2 nor the
5.0-rc2 beta would work with 2.6.12-rc2.

	4.5.2 sort of worked, some of the time, but on at least a
few occasions caused an oops when I tried to load the modules and
on other occasions would fail after some undetermined period of
time with bizarre network problems to follow such as NFS dropouts
and things like ifconfig hanging indefinitely.  I finally threw
in the towel and decided to try 5.0-rc2 but had similar problems
with modules failing to load on installation.

	So I imagine x86-64 is not much better (and if anything,
much worse).  I had been using the 89 patchset from Petr with
4.5.2.  I'm hoping after 2.6.12 is official he'll release
something newer to deal with whatever changes are causing the
problems.  And no, I have not reported the problems officially
even though I really should.

	So, long story short, you might try or maybe
even 2.6.10 under x86-64 if you are running something 2.6.12ish
right now.

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