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Trouble getting nvidia driver running

I installed Debian on our new server (I wanted to see how the 64bit
version is doing and it counts as burnin test to me), and so far
everything pretty much just worked.

System is:
Asus A8V-Deluxe
2 * 512MB Kingston RAM (PC3200 CL3)
A64 3500+ (939pin)
PX716A ATAPI DVD writer
2 * WD2500JD SATA 250GB connected to the nvidia SATA ports.
128MB FX5200 video card

Onboard Gigabit ethernet works fine using sk98lin and was autdetected by
netinstall CD.

Onboard sound is detected using alsa driver for via82cxxx (not testing
since I have no speakers handy).

DVD writer firmware updated successfully using pxupdate for x86 using
ia32-libs and ide-scsi.

I used the debian-pure64/sarge tree.

Installer detected everything correctly so I didn't ahve to load any
modules manually.

I have the promise 20378 disabled in the BIOS to speed up booting.

My problem is when I install the nvidia-glx driver (and hence
nvidia-kernel-source) and compiler it, X seems to start, but simply
turns off the monitor (bad signal sent to screen so it turns off).
Switching to the text console works fine.  I can start and stop X just
fine, but the screen never displays.  Using nv driver seems to work

I am using the 2.6.11 kernel image.  Is there a patch required for using
the nvidia driver with 2.6.11 when using the 7167 nvidia driver?  I
don't see any errors in the X log at first glance, so I am a bit puzzled
by the video problems.

Len Sorensen

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