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Re: Acer Aspire 1510 and Debian Gnu/Linux amd64

FRENCH ==> Je vais regarder ça, car j'ai un problème d'installation
chez moi: ma carte ethernet n'est pas reconnu... Bref, je vais suivre
tes indications, et regarder ça =)
Plus de détails de mon problème à >>

ENGLISH ==> I'm going to look at that because I had a problem with my
ethernet card, which wasn't reconnize for an unknowned reason.
More details of my problem @ >>
http://trustonme.net/forum/public/post.php?cat=8&topic=1035  [in

On Mar 31, 2005 10:59 PM, Jean Alexandre PEYROUX <peyroux@gmail.com> wrote:
> I wrote this page in French.  I hope to translate it in a few times.
> http://www.phear.org/~alnix
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