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Re: Acer Aspire 1510 and Debian Gnu/Linux amd64

Jean Alexandre PEYROUX a écrit :
> I wrote this page in French.  I hope to translate it in a few times.
> http://www.phear.org/~alnix

Did you manage to have a proper ACPI support? I use the dsdt patch
provided by
http://casteyde.christian.free.fr/laptop/LinuxOnAspire1511LMi.html for
my 1511LMi, I guess it should work on your 1513...
The battery status is now correctly reported, and the suspend-to-disk
works with a kernel >2.6.9 (without X) and with the 2.6.11 with X
running (unfortunately, only if I use the free nv driver, not the NVIDIA).
For information, the "5 in 1" card reader works out-oh-the-box.

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