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Re: install woes with BCM5721

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 03:28:40 +0200, "Uwe A. P. Wuerdinger"
<wuerdinger@highspeed-firewall.de> wrote:
> dr.bob schrieb:
> > Well I found Q. 22 (& the corresponding reply) in
> > http://wiki.debian.net/?DebianInstallerFAQ
> > 
> > Note that this says: "Now this has mostly been resolved with a version
> > of the driver that does not contain such firmware and should work with
> > *most* cards" (my emphasis).
> > 
> > Apparently my cards are just not among the "most"... *sigh*
> > 
> > Is there any solution?

OK the rundown so far is that the very same chip (BCM5721) apparently works OK
with the tg3 module provided (for instance) with fedora core 2
(v.2.6.x) kernels, while it refuses to cooperate with debian's version
of the same-- in particular, the one provided on the current amd64
netinstall image. Wouldn't this merit a bug report?

Unfortunately I had no luck stealing a binary of the module from other
distro's packages: even when all of arch, kernel & gcc versions agree,
unresolved symbols remain so even modprobe -v -f tg3 fails. Seems that
other debian patches applied to the kernel prevent this trick from

Thanks for all the helpful (and somewhat obvious) suggestions I've
received, the (slight) problem with them is that it's somewhat clumsy
to put a load of software, including kernel sources and a build
environment, on a machine with no working ethernet. Sure that given
enough time it's doable via cdr's or a spare (debian-supported) NIC,
and that's what i'll end up doing --too bad that due to debian's lack
of support for the BCM5721, what should have been a half-hour's task
become a half-day's (at best, accounting for the required research)
chore :(

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