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More ooo/chroot problems

Sorry to have to add to the large number of entries on this subject.

I have pure64 running very smoothly on an Asus K8V-X motherboard with a 3400 
processor. It has been acting as a cups print server for a usb printer for 
the rest of my network.

A couple of days ago I felt the need to try to get openoffice going with the 
chroot process described in the amd64 howto. All seems to be going quite 
well; when I type oowriter in a shell, an oowriter window comes up, complete 
with icons on the toolbars and a default frame. Unfortunately it doesn't 
display any fonts in the frame or windows.

Should I have an XF86Config-4 in the chroot, to set font paths? My limited 
understanding suggested that would be the job of X running outside the 
chroot. I have downloaded and installed only the packages suggested in the 

I suppose I could use rdesktop or nx to access openoffice on a 386 machine 
running sarge a metre away, but it would be nice to be migrating to the AMD 
64 machine for most of my desktop work.

I'm sure I should have given more information but I'm not sure what


Angus Mackenzie, currently suffering from aclueia

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