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Re: syslinux and bootcd packages

Kurt Roeckx wrote on 11/03/2005 19:03:
On Fri, Mar 11, 2005 at 02:56:57PM +0100, Sven Mueller wrote:


I needed to create a bootable AMD64 CD yesterday and to get there, I installed a fairly minimal debian-pure64 (sarge) installation and created AMD64 packages for syslinux and bootcd (along with bootcd-amd64). While fixing bootcd to build and work on AMD64 was pretty trivial, building syslinux required to build the package in i386, modify the build-scripts on AMD64 and copy the DOS/assembler stuff from the i386 build directory to the AMD64 build directory. Anyhow:

We have a working syslinux for amd64, it's just only available in
sid and not in sarge.  The reason that it's only in sid is that
the maintainer of the packages didn't fix it yet.

I almost guessed so because I fetched the syslinux source from alitoh IIRC. However if that is true I wonder why it didn't compile. I will upload my bootcd patch to a matching bootcd bugreport then. However it seems to me that both bootcd and syslinux aren't well maintained. The last X (I didn't count) uploads fro syslinux were NMUs.

If I had the time to spend it on those packages, I would probably try and adopt them if the current maintainers were OK with that.

We are actually using a the patched version that is in sid to
make the debian-installer images.

There is an open bug about this for ages:

Well, If it weren't only for AMD64, I would suggest a NMU for it.


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