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syslinux and bootcd packages


I needed to create a bootable AMD64 CD yesterday and to get there, I installed a fairly minimal debian-pure64 (sarge) installation and created AMD64 packages for syslinux and bootcd (along with bootcd-amd64). While fixing bootcd to build and work on AMD64 was pretty trivial, building syslinux required to build the package in i386, modify the build-scripts on AMD64 and copy the DOS/assembler stuff from the i386 build directory to the AMD64 build directory. Anyhow:

Is anyone interested in the working syslinux and bootcd packages I created? Or in the bootable AMD64 CD (which includes most network and filesystem tools)? I could make both available to the public.

Please note that I didn't change the syslinux package to build on AMD64. I only created a working AMD64 binary package while building from the source still requires a lot of manual work.


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