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Re: Abit AV8 Gigabit Ethernet

I won't claim victory.
i'm using dual boot in this machine, linux under a custom 2.6.11 kernel and if i'm in linux and reboot under windows the network card gets detected again under another phantom network connection that well does nothing, i need to turn off my machine and then go to windows, So it's like the hardware isn't getting their resources free o something like that i don't know, pasing the noapic parm to kernel once worked but as i get more use of it discovered it was just pure look. So there something still wrong in there with via-velocity cause my old and trusty realtek never gived me that kind of problems

Juan A.
Ed Murray escribió:

The module is the via_velocity, the Debian AMD64 installer has this
module on it though it won't autodetect it. I can't remember if I
modprobed it before or after the base install. It is a buggy module
under 2.6.8 however, I would recommend upgrading to to a later kernel as
soon as possible. It works flawlessly under 2.6.10


Velocity is AUTO mode
eth0: Link autonegation speed 100M bps full duplex

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