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Re: "rock solid" motherboard

On (10/03/05 19:33), Joshua Moore wrote:
> I hate to bring this up again, but this is the only discussion I've been 
> able to find that speaks around my specific needs.  I have the Abit AV8 and 
> Athlon64 3000 CPU.  When I try to install Debian with RAID-0 (two Western 
> Digital SATA drives), it gets to the partitioning part and then it sees two 
> drives.  Shouldn't it only see one?  I can't seem to get it to recognize 
> one big drive (I think it's called striping?).  I have SATA RAID ROM set to 
> ENABLED in the BIOS and I've hit [TAB] at startup and used the auto setup 
> to make a RAID-0 array, and I've set it to be a bootable array.  What else 
> do I need to do in order to get it to work.  Please copy any responses to 
> my email, as I am not a member of this list yet.
There has been an extensive thread on debian-user on software raid v
hardware raid and which boards provide real hardware raid.  I suspect
your board is not true hardware raid and you need to set it up in
software - install mdadm:




> On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:04:40 +0200, Kyuu Eturautti <vekotin@b2.fi> wrote:
> >
> >My best experiences by far have been with Abit KV8-Pro and AV8 boards,
> >both with K8T800 Pro chipsets. I have not used audio in a single
> >AMD64+Linux system though, but as for stability, quality and hardware
> >compatibility (except for audio, not tested) with Debian Pure64, I
> >haven't had any problems.  As for onboard LAN, the via-velocity has
> >performed quite well. Via kindly provides sources that work with older
> >kernel versions too, as I believe the driver came with the kernel only
> >starting from 2.6.9.
> I have an ABIT AV8 (v1.1) The LAN driver did not load so I put in a
> RealTek card and moved on. Sound on the motherboard works fine.
> I do have RAM issues in that I have to run the RAM at DDR333 instead
> of DDR400 (for which it is speced) and this board is known to be
> sensitive to the quality of the RAM. (I think that means that not all
> RAM will work at advertised rates. ;) But at DDR333 the system is rock
> solid.
> (I should probably disclaim that I'm currently running Ubuntu, but
> under the covers it sure looks like Debian.)
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