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Re: "rock solid" motherboard

I hate to bring this up again, but this is the only discussion I've been able to find that speaks around my specific needs. I have the Abit AV8 and Athlon64 3000 CPU. When I try to install Debian with RAID-0 (two Western Digital SATA drives), it gets to the partitioning part and then it sees two drives. Shouldn't it only see one? I can't seem to get it to recognize one big drive (I think it's called striping?). I have SATA RAID ROM set to ENABLED in the BIOS and I've hit [TAB] at startup and used the auto setup to make a RAID-0 array, and I've set it to be a bootable array. What else do I need to do in order to get it to work. Please copy any responses to my email, as I am not a member of this list yet.

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:04:40 +0200, Kyuu Eturautti <vekotin@b2.fi> wrote:

My best experiences by far have been with Abit KV8-Pro and AV8 boards,
both with K8T800 Pro chipsets. I have not used audio in a single
AMD64+Linux system though, but as for stability, quality and hardware
compatibility (except for audio, not tested) with Debian Pure64, I
haven't had any problems.  As for onboard LAN, the via-velocity has
performed quite well. Via kindly provides sources that work with older
kernel versions too, as I believe the driver came with the kernel only
starting from 2.6.9.

I have an ABIT AV8 (v1.1) The LAN driver did not load so I put in a
RealTek card and moved on. Sound on the motherboard works fine.

I do have RAM issues in that I have to run the RAM at DDR333 instead
of DDR400 (for which it is speced) and this board is known to be
sensitive to the quality of the RAM. (I think that means that not all
RAM will work at advertised rates. ;) But at DDR333 the system is rock

(I should probably disclaim that I'm currently running Ubuntu, but
under the covers it sure looks like Debian.)

Beautiful Sunny Winfield

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