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Re: can't connect to internet anymore

Alexandru Cabuz <alexcabuz@gmail.com> writes:

>> ifrename is very helpful in giving interfaces stable names;
> OK. I'll try ifrename. Except I can't just do 
> apt-get install ifrename
> cos I don't have an internet connection.I gotta install it by hand, so

Why don't you just reverse the two cables so you get your internet back?

> I looked in
> http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64/pool/unstable/main/amd64/i/
> and I can't find any ifrename package. But it is in official sid.
> Where can I find it for amd64?

mrvn@frosties:/mnt/mirror/archive% apt-get install --print-uris ifrename
'http://debian-amd64.alioth.debian.org/pure64/pool/unstable/main/amd64/w/wireless-tools/ifrename_27-2_amd64.deb' ifrename_27-2_amd64.deb 43600 0b178940d9478e7c0491569a46aa66eb

> Thanks.
> Alex.


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