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SMP kernel panics on Dell 1850

I've successfully installed debian-pure64/testing on a dual CPU Dell 1850
(EM64T) using pxeboot and the netinst kernel/initrd.  System installs really
easily and is running  2.6.8-10-em64t-p4.  /proc/cpuinfo reports 4 cpus
(hyperthreading is on). I have tried to install 2.6.8-10-em64t-p4-smp,
however  on boot just before the scsi modules are probed kernel reports its
not able to open an initial console,  then immediately after the scsi probe,
but before mounting the root partition the kernel panics.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Also I am surprised that I see more than
one CPU using a non-smp kernel.


Dr T A Carpenter
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
University of Cambridge

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