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Re: powernowd / stock kernels

Well, actually the package's description says something different and I quote: "The name is somewhat misleading, as any CPUfreq capable processor will work, not just those from AMD. However, it works better on CPUs that support more than two speed steps, like those with AMD's PowerNow! or Intel's Pentium M series."


Zaq Rizer wrote:

I wouldn't say I "prefer" powernowd, per se, but I know that powernowd is made for AMD, whereas cpudynd is more generic (afaik). That being said, I use cpudynd in my thinkpad (X40) and it works very well.

Javier Kohen wrote:

Hi guys,

is there any reason why you prefer powernowd to cpudyn? I was wondering because I'm using the later on my notebook. I barely use it on batteries, but I like the noise reduction that comes with the reduced speed.

Zachary Rizer wrote:

Aha! You're right.

Works like a charm here as well.
Thank you Thomas!

--- "T.J. Zeeman" <tjzeeman@xs4all.nl> wrote:


On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 11:06 -0800, Zachary Rizer

Please disregard previous email -- I just realized
powernowd is only on XP-M processors, and that


I'm looking for is "Cool 'n Quiet".
My mistake!

Actually, no mistake at all. I have an AMD64 and run
powernowd to have
cpu-scaling (as provided by the CnQ-feature in the

I got it to run on a Debian kernel-image after I put
powernowd-k8 and
cpufreq-userspace in /etc/modules. It was apparently
necessary to have
these loaded forcedly to get the powernowd daemon to


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