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Re: powernowd / stock kernels


I wouldn't say I "prefer" powernowd, per se, but I know that powernowd is made for AMD, whereas cpudynd is more generic (afaik). That being said, I use cpudynd in my thinkpad (X40) and it works very well.

Javier Kohen wrote:

Hi guys,

is there any reason why you prefer powernowd to cpudyn? I was wondering because I'm using the later on my notebook. I barely use it on batteries, but I like the noise reduction that comes with the reduced speed.

Zachary Rizer wrote:

Aha! You're right.

Works like a charm here as well.
Thank you Thomas!

--- "T.J. Zeeman" <tjzeeman@xs4all.nl> wrote:


On Fri, 2005-03-04 at 11:06 -0800, Zachary Rizer

Please disregard previous email -- I just realized
powernowd is only on XP-M processors, and that


I'm looking for is "Cool 'n Quiet".
My mistake!

Actually, no mistake at all. I have an AMD64 and run
powernowd to have
cpu-scaling (as provided by the CnQ-feature in the

I got it to run on a Debian kernel-image after I put
powernowd-k8 and
cpufreq-userspace in /etc/modules. It was apparently
necessary to have
these loaded forcedly to get the powernowd daemon to


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